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      Protect your watercraft from theft with the DataDotDNA® Marine Theft Deterrent Identification System (TDIS) – making your boat too hot to handle!

      Each year, thousands of boats and PWCs in Australia are stolen, with only a fraction ever recovered. Professional thieves go to great lengths to alter boat identification and change the appearance, making it difficult to identify stolen watercraft.

      With the unrivalled identification protection of DataDotDNA® TDIS, your watercraft's hull, motor, and trailer are safeguarded. Our system creates a virtual identification barrier, effectively deterring and combatting professional thieves.

      Join thousands of boat owners who trust DataDotDNA TDIS for superior marine security and experience true peace of mind.

      Marine (Hull, Motor & Trailer) TDIS Includes:

      DatadotDNA® 8,000 uniquely coded tiny microdots, suspended in a clear drying adhesive with DataTraceID® forensic coding and a UV marker.  Covertly applied with a brush on-applicator, DataDotDNA® provides conclusive near invisible identification to your entire watercraft - hull, motor and trailer.
      ✔ Security ID Labels 3x TESA High bond, tamper evident identification labels tamper evident security Identification labels with QR code enabling quick scan MarineVAULT registration status.
      ✔ Warning Labels 6x High visibility warning labels to alert potential thieves that your watercraft hull, motor and trailer are protected by DataDotDNA® and is marked and traceable.
      ✔ Bullseye Marking Rings 40x Removable Bullseye marking rings for accurate microdot placement and photographic recording.
      ✔ Applicators  1x Broad tip and one fine tip applicator.
      ✔ DatadotDNA®Membership Card and Application Guide 

      BONUS Included:

      ✔ MULTITAG+ Tough Airtag Mount - Includes 3M double side tape for permanent fixing and anti-theft screw, nut and torx bit.  AirTag sold separately.

      Not just advanced Overt, Covert and Stealth (near invisible) identification that can be applied to your whole watercraft hull, motor and trailer, your DataDotDNA Marine TDIS includes:

      ✔ Lifetime free registration on MarineVAULT*
       Ensuring your watercrafts identity and your ownership is secure and searchable for life.  MarineVAULT, part of PropertyVAULT is Australia's No.1 online asset registration portal proven to aid in combatting theft and the recovery of stolen assets;
      ✔ Theft recovery support if your watercraft is stolen*
      ☑ Expert support to aid in identifying and recovering your asset.


      What is DataDotDNA®?
      DatDotDNA® is advanced identification technology, consisting of tiny microdots; smaller than a grain of sand (0.5mm Ø) and encoded with a unique identification number. Made from a high-tech polyester substrate, the microdots are applied with a proprietary clear drying adhesive incorporating a UV marker and DataTraceID® forensic identification technology.


      How does the DataDotDNA® Marine TDIS work?

      The DataDotDNA Marine Theft Deterrent Identification System (TDIS) provides advanced forensic and digital identification protection for your watercraft - forming a virtual identification barrier to deter theft and combat professional thieves.

      Thousands of microdots are covertly applied to your watercraft. They form a permanent incontestable proof of ownership that is digitally linked to your watercraft’s identification on the secure PropertyVAULT database. Visible warning labels and Security ID labels alert potential thieves that your watercraft is protected by DataDotDNA® and provide a quick means for authorities to verify your watercrafts status.

      How is DataDotDNA® Traced?

      A UV torch and a simple magnifying tool enables police to easily locate and read the microdots. Your PropertyVAULT registration, including photographs of your watercraft and its DatadotDNA® locations enables police to easily verify your watercraft’s status and ownership.

      Why is the DataDotDNA® Marine TDIS Important?

      Professional thieves target watercraft for financial gain; commonly on-selling them with false identification or selling their components. The Marine TDIS is an effective investigative tool that deters theft by assisting authorities to identify stolen property and creating significant more risk for thieves.